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10 Dec


Laneway Homes – FAQ

December 10, 2014 | By |

What is a Laneway House?
A laneway home is a smaller, detached home located where the garage would normally go on a single-family lot.

What are the benefits of building a Laneway Home?
Laneway Homes contribute to the overall sustainability of the city. They give people more opportunities to live close to where they work, shop, and play, and they make the city’s urban lanes more green, liveable, and safe. Laneway housing also contributes to the amount of affordable rental housing available in the city.

Can I build a Laneway House on my property?
You can build a laneway home on any lot 32 feet or wider in any RS single family zone.

How much does it cost to build a laneway house?
We work within any budget and can even help you find financing.


To see if your property is eligible to build a Laneway Home, you can check your zoning online by using the City of Vancouver Zoning Map:

Vancouver’s guide to the Laneway Home development process:

Laneway Home information including design guidelines and by-laws: